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2010 Inspiration Awards

Event presenters who document their events and submit them to us afterwards will help build an archive of ideas for future The Big Draw LA events. And you may win an award for your outstanding event! Take photos and video and be prepared to submit them for consideration. Additional details will be provided to registered event presenters.

Help others draw inspiration from your project!

A Canterbury Collage at The Huntington Gardens

On Saturday, Oct. 2, 2010, Huntington visitors took part in a unique communal art project that celebrated the act of drawing. Nature provided the drafting materials for this wonderfully organic work of art. Using the lawn of the Palm Garden as a living canvas, visitors made their “mark” by placing leaves, twigs, dried flowers, and other botanical materials on the grass to create a giant collage. Lines, patterns, colors, and textures emerged and changed with each addition. Time-lapse photography recorded the creation of the image for the first three hours and its subsequent disappearance in the final hour. As objects were gradually removed and lines “erased,” shapes and patterns continued to shift until all that was left was green. (A link to the time-lapse images will be provided here when available.)

A Canterbury Collage at The Huntington Gardens

Enrique Castrejon: Measured and Fragmented Art Show and Demonstration

We held an arts demonstration for the Big Draw L.A. during the Enrique Castrejon: Measured and Fragmented exhibit at Design Within Reach, Beverly Boulevard on October 14. Guests were asked to participate in creating artworks guided by the artist's drawing philosophy. Enrique demonstrated how he measures distances and calculates data, producing highly imaginative works of art. Guests were then able to measure and draw, adding their own interpretations into the artworks. Nearly everyone attending the reception participated. Men, women of varying ages and backgrounds took part in this one of a kind event.

Through quantitative and mathematical equations, Castrejon transforms graphic imagery into geometric line drawings by measuring distances between points. In creating rigid shapes -- "fragments" -- Castrejon challenges our perceptions of what is real, forcing us to think critically about information that constantly bombards our everyday lives.

Enrique Castrejon: Measured and Fragmented Art Show and Demonstration

The Big Draw @ The Fowler

This afternoon at the Fowler celebrated the power of drawing with a series of “pop-up” activities for all ages developed by guest artists Justin McInteer and Eben Goff, including:

Marking a Path

Visitors left their mark on paper unrolled along the Fowler’s entrance pathway to expand visitors’ notions of drawing and mark-making.

Marking Angles, Defining Shapes

In Life in Ceramics, using the work of Kim Yikyung as reference, visitors created angled shapes on the floor of the gallery using blue, yellow and green painters tape, encouraging visitors to develop another kind of seeing.

Marks in Clay

Also in Life in Ceramics, Yoon Kwang-Cho’s incised work served as a reference for visitors to make marks in self-drying clay that they shaped into a tile to take home.

Stamping Patterns

Finely-detailed batiks on display in Nini Towok’s Spinning Wheel werebethe inspiration for visitors tostamp patterns on lengths of cloth, creating a collaborative banner that flowed from the terrace of the building over the sides of the building.

Drawing from Art

Guest artists Eben Goff and Justin McInteer facilitated informal “life” drawing sessions using as models the charming painted wood objects on display in Korean Funerary Figures.

Architectural Exquisite Corpse

Larry Yust’s photographic elevations of Los Angeles, Paris and Berlin inspired a series of collaborative drawings of UCLA vistas as seen from the Fowler Terrace.

Architectural Exquisite Corpse

The Big Draw Lake Elsinore: Going Wild About Art

October 9, 2010, Lake Elsinore Unified School District sponsored a Big Draw event at the Parent Summit Conference. Children and Parents joined in creating drawings of all kinds from chalk drawings on the parking lot, Fold-Pictures and more.

The Big Draw Lake Elsinore: Going Wild About Art

reDiscover Drawing @ The reDiscover Center

“reDiscover Drawing" took place in our gallery/classroom space concurrently exhibiting paintings by artist Julianna Ostrovsky.  The event was free and open to the general public. Participants, ranging in age from 4 to 80, explored different media from the reDiscover warehouse while inspired by Julianna’s artwork and personal inspirations.
Interaction between participants and the transformation of the forms (ie. styrofoam plate cut and folded to become a blooming flower) were among the successes of the afternoon. These are aspects we nurture in our own programs so I considered the event to be very compatible with our mission. All of the participants were experimental and supportive of each other’s work.


Thank you to ALL of The Big Draw LA participants!