Saturday, October 24, 2015 - 11:00am
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Camera Obscura Art Lab, Santa Monica - 1450 Ocean Ave.
Saturday, 10/24 11-2pm
Cost: $5 to cover the model fee.
Please register at Payment in advance is appreciated.
For our annual celebration of the art of drawing we present a low-cost class with Miles Lewis on the intricacies of portrait drawing from life, using ink brushes and pens. Using permanent lines and strokes, artists are forced to love, and build upon, each mark they make. Do you have what it takes? All levels welcome!
Draw from a live model. This class is open to any level of portrait-drawing experience. Ink brush and wash techniques have been a common sketching technique for centuries. The quickness and lightness of the method allows for an elegance and flow that pencils or ballpoint pens do not permit. Ink's permanence turns the drawing into a kind of successive game, where each line must work with and against others to create space, volume, and tension. 
Students will work to capture the anatomical landmarks and value pattern of the head, while focusing on economy of line and simplicity of expression. Students will leave class with a clear idea about how to stylize their portrait drawings for ink work. Material fee includes brush pen.
Short classes make parking a breeze! $4 for 3.5 hours at Structure 6, right around the corner.
Miles Lewis is an LA native and a recent CSU Northridge graduate. Beginning as a painter, poet, and educator, he found printmaking and planted a flag for synthesis. He is the co–director of the San Fernando Valley-based Valley Print Studio with Zeina Baltagi. Through the studio, he is committed to professional collaboration, community education, and the advancement of physical graphics.
1450 Ocean offers arts, crafts and culture classes year-round. Polish your writing, take a better picture, learn how to make paper, knit, sew, and find a community of artists and movers! 
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Parking and Transport: Parking is $1 for first 2.5 hours in Parking Structure 6 (2nd between Broadway and Santa Monica), each 30 min. thereafter $1.50, max $14. At 120 Broadway, flat $5 after 4pm and weekends. At the Civic Auditorium lot at 1855 Main St; $5 all day, every day. Meters on Ocean Avenue; $2/hr maximum 3 hours. More info: Buses that serve 1450 Ocean include Routes 1, 7 and Rapid 7, 10. Visit for more information. Biking to class is always encouraged!
Camera Obscura Art Lab [Santa Monica]
1450 Ocean Avenue
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