Sunday, October 27, 2013 - 10:15am
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Mar Vista Farmers Market

Our event occurs Sunday October 27,and year round every 4th Sunday of the month. We offer drawing and painting on the face or hands of kids, done on a donation basis, by professional artists, using conscious nontoxic materials. Our theme for October will be Skulls and Pumkins, however we have a wide repertoire of designs. All kids are welcome, and please if your child has a cold or cough out of courtesy to others please allow them to watch only.

We are unique in that no 2 designs are exactly the same and we do not work from photos or books. These designs appear as a total surprised to the children and they are always delighted, as we are as well. It's always a joy to share art with children! We work in collaboration with the children giving them verbally a framework of possibilities, we try not to do a lot of commercial animated characters but we can also do some of these as well, often with our own interpretation. Hope to see you there!

Mar Vista Farmers Market
Venice Blvd. and Grandview Ave.
Mar Vista
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Liza Vos
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