Thank you for your interest in volunteering with The Big Draw LA.

The Big Draw LA is a regional celebration of the act of drawing that creates participatory art making opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds through creative drawing activities at unique and non-traditional locations during the month of October.

Most of the volunteering for The Big Draw LA will take place in the month of October. However, there will be occasional opportunities to volunteer at festivals and events that The Big Draw LA is participating in during the months leading up to October.

There are two primary ways to volunteer in October:

  1. You may develop your own participatory drawing workshop by Hosting an Event. The program can be as traditional or as far out as you like as long as the core theme relates to drawing. If you are interested in developing your own program, we can assist you in finding a location to make sure your program is a success. Please email: thebigdrawla@ryman.org
  2. You may volunteer with a hosting organization that is performing a Big Draw LA workshop.  There will be up to 100 organizations throughout the Greater Los Angeles area running Big Draw LA workshops during the month of October and many of these organizations will be eager to have volunteer assistance.  We can coordinate with you and the organization you select to insure that you have a wonderful volunteer experience. Please email: the bigdrawla@ryman.org